A project about sustainable Environment

Ninth graders at S:t Iliansskolan have been working with a project about sustainable environment.  The whole project was based on an online bulletin board – Padlet – where the pupils could find information. The project ended up in either a news article or a pod and was published on a Padlet for each class. You will find the links on the Padlet above. The pupils planned the project together with their teachers and structured their plan: either to search for information on the Internet, use books or to do some interviews and as a help we used Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Clean).


„Student example“  „Photo“

This frightening picture reveals humans lack of engagement of trying to save our planet.

The tools to save the planet are here, the only thing we need to do is the will to make a difference. The largest problem are the youths who litter everywhere without caring. With only two steps left to the rubbish bin…the picture tells the story. We think schools should frighten the youngsters more to avoid littering in the future.


Foto: Max & Matteus, 9E

Sweden: Cooking German food


We were up in the home economics classroom and we made some Bratwurst and a surprisingly tasty macaroni-gratain (Käsespätzle). We had so much fun while cooking food, and we learnt a lot about German food. For dessert we ate an apple pastry (Apfelstrudel) with vanilla souse. I’m sure that all of us liked to cook German food and that we would like to do it again.

By: Vincent Johansson 8c




Working with Detective Stories – Sweden

For the past few weeks we’ve been working with writing, reading and learning about a certain type of stories… Detective stories. We learnt about different sorts of Detective stories, we got to watch a movie in the genre and we all read different books and short stories about crimes, detectives, policemen and more.

When we had learnt lots about the genre we started making our own mind maps. We then used our mind maps as an inspiration and help for writing a short Detective story each, all on our own. When we finished writing our stories we got to make a drawing, suiting our text. Eventually all our stories as well as drawings will be put together as one, making it a longer story.

I personally found working with this very enjoyable. The movie was good, it was fun writing my own story and generally learning about Detective stories was fun and interesting.

By: Alva Åkerlind 8a

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