Working with Detective Stories – Sweden

For the past few weeks we’ve been working with writing, reading and learning about a certain type of stories… Detective stories. We learnt about different sorts of Detective stories, we got to watch a movie in the genre and we all read different books and short stories about crimes, detectives, policemen and more.

When we had learnt lots about the genre we started making our own mind maps. We then used our mind maps as an inspiration and help for writing a short Detective story each, all on our own. When we finished writing our stories we got to make a drawing, suiting our text. Eventually all our stories as well as drawings will be put together as one, making it a longer story.

I personally found working with this very enjoyable. The movie was good, it was fun writing my own story and generally learning about Detective stories was fun and interesting.

By: Alva Åkerlind 8a

mms_20160206_093759.jpgmms_20160206_093751.jpgmms_20160206_093744.jpgmms_20160206_093736 (1).jpgmms_20160206_093812.jpgmms_20160206_093828.jpg

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