Germany visit report (10/4/2016 to 16/4/2016)


Sunday 10/4/2016:

All the pupils and teachers arrived on this day and after the pupils went home with their host families the teachers met at the restaurant of the hotel where they were staying to kick off the visit.

Monday 11/4/2016: Robot Day.

Every one met at the school at 9.00am. At 9.35 there was a welcoming concert in the gym and after a song was performed by the youngest pupils from the German school all the participating countries introduced themselves, then we all sang the project song.

After this each country got their robot to follow a circuit which was on a large table (the robots had been programmed before by each school). The Greek team came first, the team of the German Nardini school came second and the UK team third. The robot of the Bulgarian team would not start, the robot of the French team kept going round and round and the robot of the Swedish team had a mind of its own!

After this at 11.00 am the big 24 hours robot challenge started. The pupils taking part (three per country), the “Roboters” were divided in mixed teams to start the challenge helped by their IT teachers. The other pupils went to lessons with their host and then home.

The challenge was to program a robot to do a certain task and the pupils all worked together and really got involved!

In the afternoon, after lunch, the co-ordinators and the teachers not involved in the challenge went to visit the Mercedes-Benz factory in Worth where some of the lorries are being assembled. The idea was to show how robots and men work can work along together.


Tuesday 12/4/2016: School model.

The pupils not involved in the robot challenge and some of the European teachers went to classes and observed the teaching. The co-ordinators had a meeting.

At 11.00am the robot challenge concluded and the winning team was announced. After lunch the pupils went home to their host families.

In the afternoon, the European teachers and the co-ordinators presented and talked about the school system in their country.

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Wednesday 13/4/2016: Ideal school / school of the future?

At 8.30am the teachers and co-ordinators met with Professor Dr.Lambrich from the University of Landau to listen to his speech and then take part in workshops to try and create/ imagine what the school of the future could be like.

The European children went to class with their hosts.

After lunch, the European teachers and the European students went the Museum of Art and Media where they had a guided tour and reflected on the impact of media in our everyday life. The theme was “Global watch, impact in the future”.

Thursday 14/4/2016: European Parliament / Strasbourg

The European students and their teachers left at 8.30am for the day.

Once we arrived in Strasbourg we had a guided tour on the bus of  the town.  Then we all went to the Parliament were we had lunch and then a guided tour. We were lucky to be able to watch a debate!

After the tour, we were all taken to a room for a question and answer session with our guide. After this we were given an hour of free time to walk around the town. We left at 17.00 pm to return to the school.

Friday 15/4/2016: Day of Work

The European students and the teachers went to Nardini School ( a special needs school) to spend the morning there. The students were involved in workshops based on work. They had  to complete several tasks related to a variety of jobs such as child care, restaurant, army, electrician etc.

The teachers had the opportunity during this time to look around the school. We left at 13.00pm and then had some free time in the afternoon.

Every one met again in a huge barn for the farewell party which had been organised by the host parents and some of the teachers too. There were plenty of food, a karaoke, traditional German singing and a lot of dancing too. This was the perfect ending to the week!

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