Ergebnisse des Lernmoduls „Virtual Globetrotters“


Ergebnisse der Gruppenarbeit

A Trip to Sweden


I have now been in Sweden for one week and I will leave in two days and that´s on Saturday I think. And so far it have been a super fun and a great experience and I have learned a lot of new things. I´m currently living in a town called Enköping and it is really beautiful town with a lot things to do for an example they got a lot of beautiful parks and other stuff. The first four days I where living in Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden. It’s a big and beautiful city with a lot of people. The second day I where there I went to an amusement park which is called Gröna Lund and we had a really fun time there.

The people here in Sweden is really nice and almost always willing to help you with stuff. Tomorrow it’s the last they here and we are going to rent a car and go out and explore around here and maybe go to a beach and have a fun time.

Overall this have been a fun time and a great experience. There is one thing tough and that is the cost of things and things here are more expensive then home in Germany.

That’s all see you!

By: Jonathan, Linus, Enrico, Marlen & Sarah

A trip to Germany


In this blogpost we are going to tell you more about our trip to Germany and all the things we experienced. The first thing we did when we arrived was to get settled in the hotel. Our hotel was located in the heart of Berlin. We arrived very late so we went out for a drink in a small pub near our hotel. We all had a couple of beers and had a blast. After our night out we went back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had a long day ahead of us in the morning.

After a good night sleep we woke up and headed to the hotel breakfast. The hotel breakfast was really big and we had many different types of options. After the breakfast we went back to our hotel room and packed our things to be able to go and ski later. A big jeep came and picked us up and drove us to the mountain nearby. We spent the whole day skiing and we’ve never been happier. We came back to the hotel very late that day and we were all exhausted. We fell asleep as fast as we layed down.

The second day we decided to see more of Berlin, to see the most important things for an example the Berlin wall or the television tower. We spent the whole day wandering around in Berlin to see everything. The day went by so fast but we had the best time. When we got back to the hotel we decided that we would go out to that little pub again so we did. We ordered a couple of drinks and sat down sharing different stories about our home countries. We started comparing different traditions and types of food and it turned out to be quite alike. Turns out that the traditions in Germany and Sweden are similar and that we’ve got a lot of inspiration for each other. These countries are similar and we all have the similar traditions and languages. Even the people in the different countries are a lot alike.

By: Otto, Benedikt, Niclas, Rolando & Jonna

A Trip to England


I’m going to write about the trip to England. England itself is quite a boring country. But due to all the old traditions and popular tourist places to visit it still is a popular country to travel to. But there’s a lot of things in England that are similar to us and stuff that are very different. When taking the plane from Germany the first thing you notice is that we are one hour behind our own time zone. There are lots of green fields here. The currency here is Pound, in Germany we use Euro. People here likes tea with biscuits. S:t Patrick’s Day is one of the many holidays here in England. But it’s often seen as one of the more important ones behind Christmas. England is somewhat similar to Swedish traditions in that aspect. We celebrate different things sure but we still have a lot in common, maybe it’s because nearly all of Europe was once Christian. A tradition in Sweden is to eat meatballs. Meatballs aren’t as common in England and the rest of the world.

Sweden is very multicultural. We have people from many different countries living here.

We use Swedish crowns as currency in Sweden. We recently got a new set of bills and we will probably get new coins too.

By: Fabian, Anton, David, Hanna, Avin, Patricia, Laura


A trip to Bulgaria


Today we are going to talk about Bulgaria and why we would want to/ not want to travel there

For decades Bulgaria has been a satellite state to the Soviet Union. Bulgaria is now a member of both NATO and the EU. However, the country is struggling hard against corruption and criticized regularly by the EU for their judical problems.

Bulgaria is the poorest EU member country. It used to be a farming country but during the communist period it industrialized. Today, the service sector dominates with mainly tourism and foreign trade.

Traditions and customs are similar to other Balkan countries and other neighboring countries. The country also holds many other ethnic groups that some have their own traditions.

People who are not familiar with each other often appear more formal than a Swedish accustomed. They address each other with the title or Mr. / Mrs. Name and surname, as well as shaking hands. Those who know each other well use first names, and men may embrace each other while women kissing on the cheek. We would not want to go to Bulgaria because of the poor conditions and the very formal social style.

By: Sebastian, Albin, Anton, Berfin, Safiya, Sandra & Antonio

A trip to France

A trip to France

Hello! Today we are going to tell you more about our trip to France we took last summer. We all went to France where we lived in the heart of Paris. We hadn’t really planed the trip but we new that it would just be amazing!

When we arrived to the airport it was kind of late so the only thing we did that day was to check in to the hotel and get settled. After a good night sleep we woke up and went down to the hotel breakfast. The breakfast had many different options to choose between. We ate everything from waffles to eggs benedict. It was so delicious! The hotel had a very high standard and was very luxurious. After the breakfast we went out to see Paris! We started with seeing the Eifel tower, which is one of the most well-known attractions in the world. After seeing the Eifel tower we went to see the triumphal arch. It was so beautiful! We considered Paris to be a very busy city but I actually found it kind of peaceful. After seeing the triumphal arch we went back to the hotel to get some rest because it had been a long day and we were all really tired. We started comparing France to our  home countries and we found a lot of differences and a lot of similar things. For an example Germany is as big as France is but they found it that Germany is quite busier. If you compare

By Love, Nejra, Svenja and Daniel


A trip to Greece


We have been on an exciting trip to Greece where we visited the capitol Athens. There we visited the Parthenon temple. We also did some shopping in the center called Syntagma square and had some lunch consisting of Gyros.

After the short visit to Athens we continued our trip to Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. We took the train there. When we arrived, it was time for dinner. We checked in and then we went out for Souvlaki. The food in Greece is great. Thessaloniki is a great city and there is a lot to see and do. There are orange trees everywhere and it is beautiful to walk by the sea and see the mountains in the horizon. We went up in a tower. The tower used to be a prison. Now you can walk all the stairs to the top and there you have a great view.

We think it is a good idea to visit Greece. It is nice and warm and there are friendly people.

By: Abdalla, Sahra, Jonas, Tamara and Moritz

A visit from IGS Rheinzabern in Enköping

The first week of May, we got a visit from IGS Rheinzabern. Bettina and Jochen came with thirteen students. Most of the students who came had been hosts for the Swedish students when we visited Germany in April, so they were excited to see each other again and the Swedish students were excited to now be the hosts.

On the Sunday, everyone arrived in Enköping in the late afternoon, where they met their host families.

Monday was the first day of school. The German students started with the first “Learn module” created by Annika Sjödahl and Emelie Hahn. They worked in groups together with class 9C. You can see the task here: Virtual Globetrotters

The results are on the blog. Furthermore, they had English and Home economics. They spent the afternoon and the evening in Västerås together with their hosts.

Thuesday started with the second “Learn module” created by Bettina and Jochen Vierthaler, who did “Placemate” for the students in year nine who study German. They worked in groups and each groups had some German students who helped them. After that the students in year eight who study German had prepared a city tour of Enköping for the German students.

After lunch, we took a bus to Gårdsjö Moosepark, where we all got to pet them. At Gårdsjö, they also had a big Santa Clause Museum and a souvenir shop where most students bought some moose souvenirs to bring home.


Wednesday before lunch the students did an art project.

They also had Mathematics, Music and Swedish and they finished the day by watching the Award ceremony in year eight. Since it was a long weekend coming up, all the students got ice-cream.

Thursday and Friday were free from school. The German students and their hosts went to Ottos house on Thursday and hung out there all day, had a BBQ and so on. The German students and their hosts spent the whole Friday together in Stockholm.

On Saturday, it was time for our dear guests to leave. We are thankful for the week we had together.

The German students have a blog, where they have posted their pictures:


Lernmodul: “Virtual Globetrotters”

Virtual Globetrotters – To write a travel blog in English

You are going to:

  • work together in a group.
  • be assigned one of the countries from the Erasmus project: Sweden, Germany, England, France, Greece or Bulgaria
  • be virtual globetrotters and together write a travel blog about your “trip”.
  • publish the text on the Erasmus blog:


It is important that you think about:

  • living conditions, traditions, social relations and cultural phenmenons in your assigned country.
  • to compare with your own experiences and knowledge
  • adapting your written language according to the purpose, situation and receivers. Your travel blog is supposed to attract readers of all age groups, backgrounds and so on.


As a help:

Use the template below to help you extend your writing.



You can choose to compare your assigned country with your own. Make sure you: describe, explain, discuss and compare.

Use the venn-diagram below to compare.



On this website, you can find information to use:

Your group is out on an adventure together – have fun with the task! Adding “personal experiences” will capture your readers.

When your group has finished the task, please e-mail it to us for publication:

Good luck with your assignment!
Annika and Emelie