A visit from IGS Rheinzabern in Enköping

The first week of May, we got a visit from IGS Rheinzabern. Bettina and Jochen came with thirteen students. Most of the students who came had been hosts for the Swedish students when we visited Germany in April, so they were excited to see each other again and the Swedish students were excited to now be the hosts.

On the Sunday, everyone arrived in Enköping in the late afternoon, where they met their host families.

Monday was the first day of school. The German students started with the first “Learn module” created by Annika Sjödahl and Emelie Hahn. They worked in groups together with class 9C. You can see the task here: Virtual Globetrotters

The results are on the blog. Furthermore, they had English and Home economics. They spent the afternoon and the evening in Västerås together with their hosts.

Thuesday started with the second “Learn module” created by Bettina and Jochen Vierthaler, who did “Placemate” for the students in year nine who study German. They worked in groups and each groups had some German students who helped them. After that the students in year eight who study German had prepared a city tour of Enköping for the German students.

After lunch, we took a bus to Gårdsjö Moosepark, where we all got to pet them. At Gårdsjö, they also had a big Santa Clause Museum and a souvenir shop where most students bought some moose souvenirs to bring home.


Wednesday before lunch the students did an art project.

They also had Mathematics, Music and Swedish and they finished the day by watching the Award ceremony in year eight. Since it was a long weekend coming up, all the students got ice-cream.

Thursday and Friday were free from school. The German students and their hosts went to Ottos house on Thursday and hung out there all day, had a BBQ and so on. The German students and their hosts spent the whole Friday together in Stockholm.

On Saturday, it was time for our dear guests to leave. We are thankful for the week we had together.

The German students have a blog, where they have posted their pictures:



Lernmodul: “Virtual Globetrotters”

Virtual Globetrotters – To write a travel blog in English

You are going to:

  • work together in a group.
  • be assigned one of the countries from the Erasmus project: Sweden, Germany, England, France, Greece or Bulgaria
  • be virtual globetrotters and together write a travel blog about your “trip”.
  • publish the text on the Erasmus blog: eurokids100.wordpress.com


It is important that you think about:

  • living conditions, traditions, social relations and cultural phenmenons in your assigned country.
  • to compare with your own experiences and knowledge
  • adapting your written language according to the purpose, situation and receivers. Your travel blog is supposed to attract readers of all age groups, backgrounds and so on.


As a help:

Use the template below to help you extend your writing.



You can choose to compare your assigned country with your own. Make sure you: describe, explain, discuss and compare.

Use the venn-diagram below to compare.



On this website, you can find information to use: http://webenglish.se/any-country/

Your group is out on an adventure together – have fun with the task! Adding “personal experiences” will capture your readers.

When your group has finished the task, please e-mail it to us for publication:

Good luck with your assignment!
Annika and Emelie