Lessons-learned-report – Erasmus visit to Greece: 7th to 11th of March 2016


What did we learn?

On the Monday morning pupils took part in a welcoming fete where traditional Greek music was played and they also learnt how to dance the way the Greeks do!

On Tuesday we all travelled to one of the University of music and had a chat about important it is for the Greek people to keep playing traditional instruments and to keep teaching young people to play them as it is part of the cultural and life too. We were showed how some of the instruments were played and how the way people perform might change according to region or festival.

As part of our project, each school had brought drawings from the pupils of their idea of instruments of the future. These were exhibited and the pupils could compare their ideas and talk about them.

The visit concluded with a farewell concert which had been rehearsed by students throughout the week. They had to learn our to think in several languages and coordinate their voices which was quite a difficult task but the end result was well worth it!